Roman Zargarov (zargarov) wrote,
Roman Zargarov

Next turn, please

Between our home and subway two little paths passing. Usually I used only one path for movement. Superstition ... maybe. One way ... my life is silence and measured. But ... if I want something changing I choose second way ... ufff.

Last 3 weeks second way used ... Allah, Allah ... Burn, Adrenalin Rush, RedBull and other stuff.

But something changed in me. (прим. ред. - Обваниливаться ты начал, Ромочка, мягчеть, надо тебя срочно лечить) Maybe its BREAKPOINT ? (прим. ред. – Ага, ещё скажи deadline)

Что опять ниасили текст ? Когда же вы выучите албанский ?
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