Roman Zargarov (zargarov) wrote,
Roman Zargarov

Midnight Revenge

N.B. For my real friends only. If you don’t know English don’t read it. It’s not for your. There is nothing interesting.

Lies, lies, lies. Why ? My former friend told me what all things done. These done, that done. And that this doing right now. And finally ... nothing done. How I can trust to human if “it’s” lie. Hmm ... no, word “lie” is no correct, “cheating” that’s better. Yes, she is cheating. (My current girlfriend cheating too, but we both knowing about this.) Really cheating and hide it from me. She told me that her divorce finished. What all fine and “we’ll be love forever”. Bla-bla-bla. Divorce never been stared. And international passport ... yap, preparation unbegined. How I know about it ? Just read her mail. But after few months that doesn't matter. I just block her accounts and that’s all.

Ниасилили текст ? Много незнакомых букв ? Учите албанский !
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