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After Shock, вод ведь прибило

Сижу вспоминаю молодость =)

И ведь интересно, на что рассчитывали авторы написав игру без помощи по командам =)

ну например fit handle to mechanism, lubricate mechanism это точно без bottle 0,5 не понять =)

After Shock

Take Chair, E, E, drop chair, climb on chair, examine ceiling, remove panel,
climb out of lift, D, S, W, switch off isolator, examine bench, take torch,
Ex3, U, E, N, E, E, S, get TV, E, N, E, S, examine bin, take bottle.

N, W, S, W, N, fill bottle with oil (from the wrecked tanker), W, W, S, S, E,
S, S, D, switch on torch, E, S, E, N, E, get handle, N, S, W, S, fit handle
to mechanism, lubricate mechanism (with oil), open sluicegate (to clear out
the water).

Drop bottle, S, W, N, N, W, N, U, N, D, E, U, S, E, S, enter kiosk, take
screwdriver, N, climb over rubble, take beam, W (here you will meet the
looters, make sure you have the radio or/and the TV, as soon as they are
gone drop the TV/radio), W (the soldiers will shoot you if you are carrying
the TV/radio), S, open gate, W, open door, support stairs with beam, U, W,
N, W, S, W, U, climb down to parapet, jump onto roof.

D, S, E, take buns, S, drop screwdriver, drop torch, N, W, N, U, jump onto
parapet, climb up roof, D, E, N, E, S, E, D, E, E, N, E, E, climb over
rubble, N, W, N, D, W, U, N, N, take meat, take fruit, S, W, Nx3, E, E, S, E,

Give meat to lions, E, give fruit to monkeys, S, S, give buns to elephant
(They will now move off the ramp), take ramp, N, N, W, S, W, N, W, W, S, E,
S, D, E, U, S, E, S, climb over rubble, W, W, S, W, W, U, W, N, W, S, W, U,
climb down to parapet, jump onto roof, D, S, E, S, drop ramp by chasm, take

Remove body (in the car), examine body, take key, enter car, start engine,
drive car onto ramp, S, S, E, E, open gate, examine desk, take key, S, D, E,
unlock door, open door, E, N, examine body, take valve, S, Wx3, connect
valve to pipe, fit wires to valve (with the screwdriver), E, U, press

Red Herrings - Pen, radio, desk, tissues, pickaxe, diamond, stick, cap,
trumpet, ticket, sweets and rusty nail.
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